{"title":"Drug De-addiction Programs","content":"

YPSS identified this crisis that youngsters go through that leads them to clench over drug use as a recreational method. Through the help of various physicians and experts in the said field, the YPSS team devised a special Drug abuse eradication program, which derives its strength from self-empowerment.<\/p>\n

One thing that often causes drug-abuse is weakening of the self. The drug abuse program of YPSS works on the strengthening of a human being at the core level. Once the self becomes empowered and enabled, the challenges seem superfluous and one easily surpasses them without feeling the need to reprieve over drugs.
\n The program works at two basic levels, first being the drug-use eradication wherein the addicts are provided help to overcome their habit. The youth are taught preventive measures in the second level, which is drug-abuse prevention. <\/p>\n

Various workshops, counseling sessions are organized that solely aim at reducing the drug-abuse by transforming the drug-afflicted society into an abuse-free society with the help of psycho- spiritual tools.<\/p>"}